Slip and Fall Lawsuits


If you are the proud owner of a brick and mortar business or any type of commercial building, slip and fall lawsuits are pretty much on your mind a lot. No matter what type of floor covering that you have installed. But, if you have hard surface stone, terrazzo, concrete, etc., your chances of being sued by someone falling skyrocket. 

We have the solution. Now, you’re really going to love us! We can add slip resistance. But- hang in there, it gets even better! We actually have a robotic testing machine that measures slip resistance before and after we do the work! ( See photos below ) This process even meets ALL ADA requirements. There’s more:

The machine then prints out the test results! This can help protect you in case of a law suit. How? Because it proves that- 1.) You are ADA compliant, and 2.) You have done your due diligence to make your facility as safe as possible. And – just maybe you can take your test results to your insurance company for a possible rate reduction. (We thought we’d throw that one in for free since we are all trying to save on expenses these days. It doesn’t hurt to check…)

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