We are the oldest manufacturers of the oldest stone restoration products, as well as the newest products currently offered! We are firm believers in the fact that we have quality products! You will be impressed with the cleaning and maintenance capabilities for all of your stone products. These are products that you should have on hand to protect your investment, whether or not we have refurbished your areas.



Below is a list of our products:

Prime Grind System: Prime Grind “1”, “2”, “A”, “M” 

Vitre Gel System: Vitre Gel 80, 220, 320, 500, Polish, Enhancer

Polishing Compounds: Marble Supreme, Hertro Shine, Hertro Gold Powder, Verde Polishing Powder 

Granite System:  Granite One Step Polish and Restorer; Granite Ultimate Black

Ceramic Tile: Aid, Ceramic Floor Cleaner, Ceramic Wall Cleaner, Ceramic Tile Polish, Hertro Bond

Sealers: Alpha Seal, Bocci Seal, H2O Sealer, Hertro Seal, Zeta Seal

Cleaners:  All Off, Degreaser, Hertron 1005, Marble Plus, Neutral Ingredient, Stone Soap, Tub and Basin Cleaner

Specialty: Liquid Friction, Rock Hard, Slate Dressing, Seal Strip

Diamonds:  Marble Diamonds, 5″ Marble and Granite, Granite Diamonds, Metal Bond Lippage Diamond, Hand Diamonds, 5″ Diameter Holder, 7″ Pad Holder

Floor Pads: Nylon Pads, Natural Fiber Pads, Steel Wool Pads, Stainless Steel Pads

Supplies:  Lambswool Applicator, Masking Tape, Silver Duct Sealing Tape, Tape and Drape, Stainless Steel Brush, Grout Sealer Roller Bottle

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